Courier Software that just works!

Software designed for Courier Companies

A software solution that helps you organize, control and monitor your delivery activity is an efficient way to grow your business and increase your quality of services. CourierManager provides easy access to parcel status and data both for you and your clients and real-time updates from the field with a mobile app.

Manage more Clients and Double the Deliveries with CourierManager

Implementing a complete software solution for your courier company comes with a series of visible benefits in your daily activity.

  • Increased efficiency - you can do more with the same resources, or the same with less resources - the choice is yours
  • Better control - you know in any moment where your packages and employees are.
  • Improved data security - you can decide who can access each piece of data
  • If you work with Cash on Delivery, we’ve got you covered - every penny is accountable until it gets back to your clients
  • All of which translates into competitive advantage for the company
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Delivery Management

Manage and control all the details regarding deliveries, starting with parcel’s status, the driver assigned for a certain order and so on.

Automated Prices Calculation and Billing

Configure different pricing sets: set up the price as you want it depending on envelopes, parcels, weight, cash on delivery, return, insurance and other additional services, all divided for several delivery areas.

The software allows you to automatically generate invoices for deliveries, according to your option: one by one or in bulk, for a certain customer or for a chosen period.

Mobile App for Couriers

CourierManager Mobile App facilitates fast data transmission and perfect correlation between field agents and dispatch. It can also be integrated with portable printers allowing couriers to generate all the papers they need for customers.

Some of our clients


CourierManager is the perfect software solution for my courier business. Starting with introducing AWBs, updating the status of a delivery, invoices’ generation, the possibility to import/export data from the program - CourierManager has made my company’s and my employees’ activity much easier and more efficient. I find the alerts regarding events for vehicles very useful. I used to be very stressed and concerned about expiration terms for papers. Thank you CourierManager for making my life easier!

Mihai Iulian, CEO Hermes Curier

The working times have significantly improved […] Before implementing CourierManager software we used to finish work around 8- 9 pm, now it’s 6 pm and people left home 30 minutes ago.

Gabriel Filipoiu, Best Letter Curier

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