Expedition management

Basic operations

You can do all the basic operations: create/edit/delete/copy/assign/change status, but you’ll be doing it better and easier than ever.

Print label

Standard label contains all the details on the expedition, and of course a barcode. Special services and CoD are visibly marked. Includes CoD receipt if needed. Of course it has your logo, and it can also have your client’s logo as well.
And if there’s anything you want changed, it is highly customizable.

Bulk operations

You’ll never have to do anything more than once - all operations can be done as bulk, simply by filtering (and we have many filters), selecting expeditions and clicking a button. You can also just scan a bunch of codes, look them up and do stuff to them.

Statuses and codes

Just 5-6 statuses are never enough - which is why you can define you own selection of codes, for every possible situation. You can have hundreds, we don’t mind.


Nobody likes to receive their brand new hi-fi sound system with a speaker missing. Which is why you can group expeditions together, and have them transported, delivered and paid for as one.


Everything is tracked, and everything tracked is stored forever. We don’t delete data - but you can if you want to. And speaking of having to delete data, we’re fully GDPR compliant.



All the time somebody in the company has ownership on any expedition. Dispatcher can allocate them to couriers, or any courier can scan it with his phone to mark it as received by him. Same thing happens every time a package enters the hub. This way it’s impossible to lose a package - you can always tell who the last person that handled it was.


They’re ToDo lists for couriers. All their stops for the day, both pick-ups and deliveries, on one sheet of paper. Not that they need paper - a copy is automatically uploaded on their phone.

Route Optimisation

Together with our partners from GraphHopper we offer you a most awaited for feature: shortest route for each courier’s destinations. Saves you both fuel and time.


Separate zones for routing and pricing. They make sorting and routing a breeze.

Customer experience

Client login

You’ll never have to take orders by phone again. Repeat clients will be able to login directly into your website and either type in or import their expeditions from an excel file. You just go there and pick them up, with the label already printed and attached.

Tracking form

Not just your clients but anybody can track an expedition if they know its code. And of course you can put it on your site as well.


Speaking of, everything can go through your website - or look like it. Names, logo, even notification emails.


And we have many notifications: email, SMS, whatsapp, you pick. You can set it up so clients can receive notice every time an expedition status changes - though this may be a bit excessive for many.

Client mobile app

And yes, the clients can use a mobile app to make orders.


API for clients

If your clients has an ecommerce website, or simply more expeditions than it’s comfortable to input by hand, he can simply send them directly from his site or software. Our API allows him to create, check statuses and even print labels directly from his software.


If you want another courier company to carry you’re expeditions, you’ll need your software to speak with theirs. We can make it happen - did it already in dozens of cases.


No matter what reports we think you’ll want, you can always want more. Which is why all the data can be exported as excel (and usually imported as well).

Courier Mobile App

Scan & deliver

Everything starts by scanning an expedition. After that the courier can easily mark it as picked up, or delivered, or assign it any of the codes you predefined.

Bulk operations

You don’t want to do the same thing 30 times - or 300 times in a row. Just scan a bunch of codes and mark them all as picked up or delivered.

Create expedition

Met a new client on the street? Need to add a last-minute expedition? No problem, just click “add” and type the details.


Waybills, receipts, CoD receipts, daily reports.. Just add a small, inexpensive bluetooth pocket printer, and you can have it all.


Just click “navigate” and have google maps take you directly to the destination. Couple with Route Optimizations for a truly high tech solution.

And more

We keep developing our mobile app a lot, so forgive us if we don’t keep this list current. It’s likely already outdated.


Android devices

Phones are the easiest and cheapest solution, but there are plenty of nicer toys out there. Devices that include Android, laser scanner, camera, phone, big battery, or even a mobile printer into one rugged, long lasting device.

Mobile printers

Small and inexpensive, you’ll definitely want them.

Barcode scanners

You don’t need a big android device to scan 200 packages in a row - there are plenty of smaller (and cheaper) solutions. Pill-sized bluetooth laser scanner may be small, but pack a big punch in productivity.


Real time tracking of couriers on map

You can see anytime where everybody is, where they’ve been during the day (or last week) and where are their allocated stops.

Real time tracking of expedition status

Everything that happens on the mobile app you can see instantly. What expeditions are delivered, and more importantly, aren’t delivered yet.

Clients can see picture of recipient signature

Have your couriers take a picture of the reception signatures, and you’ll never again have to fight clients on “the package wasn’t delivered!”. It gets uploaded into the client account instantly as well, so you don’t even have to send it to him.


Invoice generation

Just a couple of clicks, and the software takes all the expeditions in a time interval and makes an invoice.

Flexible pricing

Won’t get into details - it would be a long text. Short version is: you’re not likely to have a problem defining your prices. Separate for each client, of course.

Email invoices

Not only it creates the invoice by itself, but you don’t even have to print it (unless you want to, of course). Just one more click and the client receives it by email - along with a full list of the invoiced expeditions.

Invoice on-the-go

Couriers can create and print the invoice for an expeditions themselves.

Cash on Delivery

Courier settlements

For every courier the software tracks all the amounts they have to turn in at the end of the day. For each it creates a “settlement” - a printable document with all the amounts and expeditions involved. We recommend you lock it together with the cash, until a supervisor confirms the amounts (and marks it in the software) and deposits it in a bank.

Client settlements

Almost the same process for the clients, just optimized for tracking bank transfers. You can easily send settlements by email as well.

Deduct price from CoD

In some cases, you want to simply deduct the transport costs from the CoD amount you pay to our clients. The software allows you to do this easily and safely.



Most security issues come from your own employees. Which is why you can define strict roles for them, and let them see and do only what you want. Same goes for your clients btw.


We track everything. Some you can see in the interface, but even if you don’t - give us a call if you have any suspicions or questions. We’ll likely have the answer.


We backup everything in several locations, including two different countries. And speaking of countries, we’re operating under European Union law, which through GDPR makes sure you and your client’s data is safe and well cared for.


Timezones and currencies

You can define them when you setup your account. And if there’s anything in the printed forms you want us to change - we can. Or, if you prefer, we can teach you how to do it yourself.


Currently the software is available in English, Arabic, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Hindi and Urdu. While this covers probably over half the globe population, we’re always willing to add more languages to this list. In particular we’re eager to have our first Spanish speaking clients - if that’s you, you might get an extra discount.

Easy to start

Excel imports

You won’t have to manually add your existing data. We have imports for everything that’s time-consuming, including clients and prices.


From videos to text, we have all you need to get up to speed. Including a small document you can send to your clients to help them get up to speed with the new software.

Free Skype sessions

Documentation is good, but rarely enough. We understand that switching to a new software solution is sometimes difficult, and we’re committed to helping you in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to call us as often as it’s necessary, until you’re up at full speed.

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