Courier Software that just works!

All the issues that you face daily managing your courier business have already been solved. Implementing couriermanager, the perfect courier software, you will be provided with solutions already tested by other companies, such as vehicles and deliveries management or employees inventory.


Delivery Management

This feature of the courier software allows the management and control of all the details regarding deliveries, starting with parcel’s status, the driver assigned for a certain order and so on. The most important information and available options  reffer to the following:

  • Dashboard of current AWBs;
  • Quick and advanced search of an AWB;
  • Adding a new AWB;
  • Editing an existing AWB;
  • Tracking the status of a current AWB;
  • Android Application- the driver poses the client’s confirmation and uploads it in the software, enabling a much faster update of data. The application is compatible with barcode scanners.

In this section of the software you will find information about a parcel’s status (cancelled, initial, ongoing, delivered, returned). You can also view details about the client, the dispatcher and the receiver with their locations.

The parcels can be classified according to each client’s option: express, regular or standard.

To facilitate a better organization of your company’s activity you can introduce the name of the driver assigned for a delivery in the software.


Courier Tracking

The couriers tracking system offers the possibility to trace the position and activity of each one of them in real time on the map. Managers can organize and control much more efficient employees’ activity using the field tracking feature. Moreover, couriers benefit from a navigation system to track and deliver parcels to their destination address.


Mobile printer integration

The mobile printer receives information from the application and allows couriers to print the necessary documents: awbs, bills, receipts,  etc.

The document printing functionality in the field increases the efficiency of bureaucratic activities.

The mobile printer we have used for testing and we recommend it is RONGA RPP200, available online here. We can also try integration with other printer models; if errors occur we will search for solutions for a proper functionality.


Automated prices calculation

The price module offers the opportunity to configure different pricing sets, allowing you to set up the price as you want it depending on envelopes, parcels, weight, cash on delivery, return, insurance and other additional services, all divided for several delivery areas. Special offers for customers can be defined in the courier software according to each client’s contracted rates, so your dispatchers can be certain about the prices charged.


Vehicle Management

Because every courier company has in administration an auto park couriermanager provides the solution for this need, enabling all the operations required for the best performance of your vehicles.

  • Insurances registration, road taxes,  all the documents for each automobile;
  • Alerts regarding events for vehicles. The software includes a configurable system for an automated tracking of these events. The alerts are shown for each automobile, for every introduced event- when a data or a mileage is reached you will be notified that a certain vehicle is in need of maintenance.
  • Using the Android application you can trace the gasoline fillings and the miles covered, including the consumption changes.


Easy Reimbursement for Customers and Couriers

The application keeps a detailed inventory of the amounts received as payments on deliveries in two separate sections:

  • the reimbursement of the dispatchers, from the moment they receive the payment for a delivered package until they discharge at the office;
  • the reimbursement of the customers in the moment you transfer the cash on deliveries to them.

The courier software allows a variety of policies for the reimbursement: as you collect the money, periodic or even in advance, having control over the financial situation.



  • couriermanager allows automatically generated invoices for deliveries, according to your option: one by one or in the mass, for a certain customer or for a chosen period;
  • Payments can be easily entered in the system. Unpaid invoices can be tracked and the application allows sending reminder emails for payment transaction;
  • Receipt generation for cash on delivery payments and tracking of the expense account to the delivery company.


Customer Web Portal

Courier company’s customers receive access to the software and they can create their own AWBs and schedule;  they can organize a database with the details of their most frequent partners.


Employees Information

The courier software includes a section dedicated to the employees, where you can store the contact information and attach employees’ documents: driver license, identity card, record and the user name for the android application (if case).


Import/ export Excel and CVS files

  • The data can be easily manipulated  and edited in the software and the information can be transferred to Excel.
  • All the documents and reports are also available for printing.


Customers and Franchisers Integration

The application can be easily integrated with customers’ websites. If you work with online shops they can automatically create and generate AWBs for each order and track the status of the delivery.
If your national deliveries are dispatched through another courier company we provide assistance for the integration with its software along with the possibility to generate AWBs from their range of numbers for their destinations.