Mobile apps play a key role in the success of a delivery company. Couriermanager mobile app facilitates fast data transmission and perfect correlation between field agents and dispatch. It is an instrument that provides efficiency and accuracy in all the delivery tasks that couriers have.

Easy to implement and use, the mobile app has a friendly interface, functional on Android devices. Couriers can update data in the courier app, providing dispatchers with updates on parcels’ status in real-time. Integration with a portable printer allows couriers to generate all the papers they need for customers.

For a comprehensive list of couriermanager functionalities and more information on the mobile app feel free to contact us. You can try our demo version on the website and grow your business with couriermanager!


Implementation instructions and functionalities:

  • At first usage the app will request the company’s name. In case you haven’t received specific instructions you can introduce any text.
  • After you log on users are required to choose the car they drive in order to create the filling reports. All the cars in the company are listed.
  • All the parcels are displayed in the main page (with their status “ongoing” or “unclaimed”) and the user they are allocated to.
  • In each parcel’s page you can easily modify its status. The three buttons in the lower menu offer the following functionalities: photo capture (delivered AWB, receipts, etc.), navigation to the destination address.
  • Synchronizing- updates the list of active parcels.
  • Navigation- allows routing through Google Maps and Google Navigator to destinations
  • Parcels pickup- scans the awbs and assigns them to couriers
  • Add AWB- manual introduction form for adding a new awb in the app
  • Foreign AWB- you can scan and introduce awbs for delivery company’s clients
  • Change car- select a different car from the one chosen initially
  • Filling- introduces a filling report.




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